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We specialize in assisting Counties maintain tax compliance through various services, which helps increase the tax base and educate taxpayers. Our staff maintains a professional balance that is personalized to promote an open & positive relationship between our company, the County and the Taxpayer.

About Us

CTSI was established in January 1999. We have a diverse group of professionals that gives CTSI over 100 years of combined Personal Property knowledge and auditing experiences.

Auditing Services

We audit Business Personal Property tax listings to verify they are being listed in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes and County instructions. Through comprehensive audit practices.

Other Services

Tax collection offices need the best business practices for efficiency, equality and accuracy; your local government relies on your work to fund local government programs and projects.


Our position is that YOU the COUNTY are the boss. We work for YOU, therefore; the information we collect & audit results are in your total control. We establish a working relationship with your office to maintain consistency, as well as full disclosure of audit findings. No assumptions are made on our part as to handle special circumstances, even though we can offer professional expert advice, we do not make the final decision.

CTSI finds additional revenue to help increase tax base

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.