Consulting Services
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consultingservicesTax collection offices need the best business practices for efficiency, equality and accuracy; your local government relies on your work to fund local government programs and projects. County Tax Services, Inc. (CTSI) is the consultant NC counties and towns trust to achieve these goals in a cost-effective manner. Our seasoned collection professionals, or Diagnostic Revenue Specialists (DRs), are available to observe and analyze daily office operations and present clear, concise suggestions and strategies for enhanced revenue and streamlined practices. We can also discuss the best options for your tax office concerning a specific issue or case.

CTSI will empower your staff by providing thorough training and support in proven collection techniques that will optimize your revenue collection practices. By analyzing your specific needs, resources and goals, our team will develop a modified framework your staff can implement to ensure fair and equitable taxation of citizens while increasing your tax base.

DRs Consulting Services are available at your convenience for an on-site, overall analysis of daily office operations or for one-time advice with particular matters or individual cases.

Benefits of Utilizing CTSI’s Consulting Services:

• Increased Revenue
• Improved Staff Efficiency
• Fair & Equitable Taxation

CTSI is the full service auditing & consulting company for all of your tax office’s needs. Now, our DRs offer collection consulting in addition to our other menu of options, such as assistance with business personal property, gross receipts (occupancy tax and food & beverage) audits, discovery of unlisted taxpayers, obsolescence reviews and online listing systems. Our professional staff is committed to providing accurate, thorough and ethical services.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.