Online Listing System

Each year, counties work in overdrive to open mail, process extension requests and key in business personal property listings. CTSI’s custom online listing system allows taxpayers to key in their own business personal property information, which is then uploaded directly into the county’s existing database.

Licenses are offered annually in three tiers of flat-rate pricing, based on the size of the county.

All Levels Include:

• Free access for taxpayers
• Secure databases
• Automatic upload into existing county database

Benefits of Utilizing CTSI’s Online Listing System:

For Counties:
• Save time processing paperwork and data entry
• Reduce keying errors
• Input values quicker for more efficiency
• Prelisted online listings increase accuracy year to year
• Trained and supported by CTSI

Business Taxpayers & CPA / Accountants:
• Navigate online listing with ease
• File for extensions and get automatic responses
• Receive confirmation of completed listing
• Save time and increase accuracy with prelisted online listings
• Personalize a database of clients within the system
• Enter multiple extension requests simultaneously

CTSI is the full service auditing and consulting company for all your county’s needs. This includes business personal property, gross receipts (occupancy tax and food & beverage) audits, discovery of unlisted taxpayers, and obsolescence reviews. Our professional staff is committed to providing accurate, thorough and ethical services.